About Us

Carolina Vapor Mill (CVM) opened its doors on August 8, 2014. Located in the Callabridge Commons Shopping Center at the intersection of Mt Holly Huntersville Road and Brookshire Freeway (Highway 16 North), Carolina Vapor Mill is only 10 miles from downtown Charlotte. CVM is a local, family owned business.

The store features premium electronic cigarettes and hand crafted e-liquids. A unique feature of the store is the tasting bar where customers are able to sample over 100 different flavors of Carolina Vapor Mill’s V-Shine e-liquids and premium liquids before making their selection. Carolina Vapor Mill offers several premium liquids including Gate City, Pinup, Cold Fusion, and others. We have these on our tasting bar so you can try before you buy.

Our had crafted e-liquids are high quality. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) are manufactured in North Carolina and use the purist nicotine you can find. The PG/VG and flavor extracts used in our e-liquids are 100% American made. The PG and VG are delivered in a variety of nicotine levels to meet your needs. All of our custom V-Shine e-liquids are available in max VG for those who are allergic to PG.

In the store, you choose the flavors you desire and we can mix the flavors to meet your tasting preference. We offer a variety of flavors including tobaccos, candies, drinks, desserts, and fruits. Customers can also create their own flavors by combining any of the flavors we have and can vary the strength of the flavors. Carolina Vapor Mill offers additional additives which can be mixed with the flavors. These include menthol, sweeteners, sour flavoring, vanilla, and koolada. Koolada is used to give that “cold” feeling. It does not have a taste or an odor, but if you put some on your tongue, it will provide a cooling sensation. We offer an almost endless number of combinations to meet your tasting preferences.

The e-liquids can be purchased with varying levels of nicotine to help those who are working to quit smoking. We do not claim that our products will help you quit smoking. We just offer you an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The Carolina Vapor Mill team focuses on quality, customer service and on ensuring customers get the products that best meet their needs. If you are new to vaping, the team will work with you to show you the different options available to you and will help you select the items you need to enjoy vaping. Carolina Vapor Mill offers a “starter kit” with everything needed to help start the vaping experience. If you are an experienced vapor, Carolina Vapor Mill carries a wide selection of more advanced products that allow you to enhance your vaping experience.

Meet Our Team

At Carolina Vapor Mill, we operate as a team. Everyone on the team is focused on customer service and everyone on the team works to make sure everyone else on the team is successful in meeting customer expectations. If a customer has a question that the team member cannot answer, they will engage other team members to assist.

  • Patrick Froneberger Partner

    Patrick Froneberger is one of our partners and does research into what is new and upcoming in the vaping community to better position us to meet our customers’ needs. Patrick is a graduate of UNCC and has a computer science degree. In his spare time Patrick enjoys building and repairing personal computers and watching anime.

  • Tim Froneberger Partner

    Tim Froneberger is one of the partners and his focus is making sure we maintain sufficient inventory to meet customer demands. He works with Patrick in selecting new items to add to the product line. Tim has a computer programming degree from Kings College and is also an Eagle Scout.

  • Robert Benton Partner

    Robert Benton is one of our partners and his focus is on customer service and the daily business operations of the store. Robert is a graduate of East Carolina University and has a degree in Criminal Justice.

  • Nick Johnson Employee and an Avid Vapor

    Nick Johnson is one of our employees and is an avid vapor. He has been vaping for two years and is a strong advocate for vaping as an alternative to smoking. Nick is an experienced coil builder and enjoys working with customers who are learning to build their own coils and becoming “drippers”. He works with Patrick to focus on new items needed in the store.

  • Chris Gould Employee and an Avid Vapor

    Chris Gould is one of our employees and is also an avid vapor. Like Nick, Chris has been vaping for about two years and is a big supporter of the vaping movement. Chris enjoys working with new RDA’s and mechanical mods and likes to work with customers to show them the benefits of the different devices. Chris enjoys creating new flavors of e-liquids for our customers and provides input related to new and upcoming devices for the store.

  • Bonny Lauro Employee and an Avid Vapor

    Bonny Lauro is one of our employees and is an avid vapor. Bonny has been vaping for about a year and focuses on customer service. Bonny enjoys creating new flavors of e-liquids for our customers and provides input related to the flavors that customers would prefer based on input from them on what they like.

  • Alex Derscheid Employee and an Avid Vapor

    Alex Derscheid is our newest employee. Alex is an avid vapor and likes to review and try new vaping devices that hit the market place. He works closely with Patrick, Nick and Chris to discover and recommend new products for our store. Alex is also a big supporter of the vaping movement.

Above and Beyond Variety

What makes V-Shines so different from the e-liquids offered by other stores is the spectacular, exotic (and sometimes outrageous) flavor combinations that are possible. Any kind of fruit, candy, dessert, tobacco and even cocktail flavor can be blended into seemingly endless blends of e-cig satisfaction. We love working with your ideas and making something just right for you.

If you’re new to vaping and want to try out our pre-made liquids first, we’re good with that and we’ll work with you to find the right vape for you. If you’re more of an adventurous or experienced vaper – try mixing your own blends.

At the Carolina Vapor Mill, we proudly handcraft our own e-liquids from only the finest American made, food grade ingredients. Each bottle is made to order and is fully customizable to your specifications and all our flavors can be sampled in store.

Convenient Delivery and Exceptional Customer Service

There are reports of North Carolina bootlegger Redmond having a reputation of making great whiskey, that he would deliver himself at customer’s homes through the Appalachian Mountains in the 1870s. We carry on his “above and beyond” customer service for this region and we have created a line of flavors that set us apart from pretty much anything else the vaping world has to offer. While we do not deliver to your homes, you can call ahead and have it ready when you arrive at the store.

If you’re not around this beautiful region (or you don’t have the time to drop by one of our stores to get some V-shine) you can still have it conveniently shipped to your address.

Carolina Vapor Mill is a premium retailer of quality electronic cigarette products, with locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Spartanburg, Greenville, and Powdersville in the South Carolina. We are intensely passionate about vaping, and we want to share with you the fun and liberation of using e-cigarettes.

Charlotte Location

  • 3625 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216
  • (704) 900-6866